hair extension methods


Fusions have keratin tips that are melted and applied directly to the hair. Fusions are generally not reusable, but can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance. This is one of my favorite methods because they can be easily styled and blended.


Tape extensions are strands of hair on a tape like medical grade adhesive and are approximately 1.5 inches in width. Installation of tape is the fastest method, and tape-ins are reusable for up to 1 year depending on the hair condition and maintenance. This is a good method for clients who want to add lots of volume and length, while minimizing potential damage to their own hair. The hair extensions can be removed for color touch-ups and trims, then re-installed for a fresh look.


Micro-link are "I" or stick tip extensions that are inserted into a coated bead that is then compressed. Micro-links are reusable depending on the hair quality and maintenance. I highly recommend this method for clients who want to reuse their extensions. This method is easily removed and re-installed as compared to tape extensions. the hair is thick/course naturally.


Nano-Ring are 90% smaller than a Micro-link, making them very comfortable to wear. Because they are extremely small these extensions are ideal for thin hair. The links are incredibly small, allowing your hair to move freely with less stress applied to the hair. Nano-Rings are also reusable depending on maintenance. 


Combination of two or more methods. Different methods are recommended depending on the clients needs, style routine and hair type.