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Where it’s Sourced

The Hamilton Hair Extension Loft chooses hair extension suppliers with only beautiful high quality products. Our suppliers have a wide selection of Remy Human Hair extensions that have been hand-selected and purchased based on strict ethical principles. These extensions have also been inspected and certified as true human hair before being purchased. 

Remy Double Drawn Hair

Remy Double Drawn Hair Extensions have the cuticle of the hair pointing in the same direction, and have been processed to ensure all hair lengths are the same.  This is a time-consuming process but it ensures there is no tangling and matting.

European Hair

European hair is very lightweight and fine. This hair is perfect for clients with thin, fine or fragile hair. European hair has a natural wave and holds a curl very well, but requires a little more work when straightening. It is full of body, is very versatile and wearable. European hair is naturally available in a range of colors, therefore it is unprocessed in any other way, leaving it in its natural healthy condition – soft and glossy.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is naturally coarse in texture, and very dark in color. The hair has usually been processed to soften the texture, and it is difficult to produce lighter colors without affecting the quality. Indian hair is versatile and easy to style, straighten and will hold a curl really well. Indian hair is generally not suitable for clients with very short hair, but is excellent for anyone with longer than chin length hair, especially if the hair is thick/course naturally.